Magnum Opus made appearance in the software industry in 1999 with decades of experience in Home Furnishing Industry to create innovative solutions. This was the time when pre-existing software solutions were either outdated or old-fashioned.

The developers and engineers at the Magnum Opus were convinced that being proactive was the way to go, so they diligently started working to design an innovative and state-of-the-art software solution for the Home Furnishings industry.

After three years of dedicated work, SPARS was finally released on July 1, 2002 and subsequently adopted by the major players in the Home Furnishing Industry. Finally, a comprehensive software solution was functional.

SPARS is a comprehensive, fully integrated and expertly designed & developed software solution for your enterprise resource management and planning needs. This turnkey system can seamlessly manage key business processes such as business administration, purchasing, inventory, accounts receivables and payables, sales.

SPARS keeps a bird’s eye on all important facets of your business in real time, every step along the way. With your business on SPARS, you will boost efficiency and efficacy of your business processes.

This translates into one thing, more profits for you!

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